ITIN Loans

Ameriquest Funding has great solutions for people that have an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) who are looking for a mortgage or are looking to refinance an existing mortgage.  

ITIN loans are a special kind of loan for individuals that may not have the traditional documentation needed to qualify for mortgage loans. ITIN loans can be a viable option for individuals who do not have a Social Security Number. Using their ITIN, these individuals may be able to obtain a mortgage loan with their ITIN.


ITIN Loan Requirements

ITIN loan requirements vary based on lending institutions, but rest assure that we will work hard to lead you in the direction of making your dreams come true.

ITIN loans may be available for single-family residences, condos, townhomes, manufactured homes and multiple units in residential buildings. We’ll work with you by letting you know requirements for the ITIN loan as it may be different in every case, also consideration will be made on total amount lender is willing to lend. 


But some of the core components of ITIN home loans will likely include: